iPods and MP3 Players

iMesh supports most portable media players, including iPods!

You can transfer tracks TO and FROM your portable player/iPod.

If the tracks are Premium Tracks ( ), you may be required to purchase the tracks individually in order to transfer them.

Or –

You can get a ToGo Subscription, which allows you to transfer unlimited premium music to your player.

(Works with Windows 7 Logo branded portable devices, but not with iPods or Zune.)


Note: The iPod Touch and iPhone are not supported yet.



Connecting a Player

Once your MP3 player is connected, it will appear in the Library:



Just click your player, and you'll see all the tracks on it.



Syncing Tracks

You can manually add tracks to your player by simply dragging them from your library to the player item on the left.


You can also opt to sync tracks automatically each time you connect your player:

While your player is connected, go to Menu > Tools > Preferences.


Then click the iPod/Player section of the preferences, and choose how you wish iMesh to sync to your player using the available options.